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EFLA® - Line

Frutarom's EFLA® _  Line of health ingredients are based on the philosophy that herbal extracts, as multicomponent systems, act in their entirety. EFLA® _ Line represents technologically superior extracts manufactured in Switzerland according to PIC-GMP and ISO guidelines, the majority being produced by means of a patented extraction procedure called EFLA®HyperPure. Highly proficient R&D, excellent customer services, reliability and tailored solutions further distinguish the EFLA® product range.


All EFLA® Line ingredients undergo stringent pharmacological investigation for bibliographic data validation. Our comprehensive knowledge and databases place us in an optimal position to help our customers in the food supplement, pharmaceutical and functional food industry, achieve tomorrow's competitive edge.


Key ingredients of the EFLA®- Line include:       


Neuravena® (EFLA®955) - Bioactivity tested wild green oat extract to activate your mind.

Visit our Neuravena website


Benolea® (EFLA®943) - Clinically proven olive leaf extract for every beat of your heart.

Visit our Benolea website


Finomate® (EFLA®920) - Clinicall tested green mate extract to get in shape.

Visit our Finomate website


Portusana® (EFLA®308) - Glucose on track with purslane extract.

Visit our Portusana website 

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