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1st Environmental Conference

Frutarom Invites Environmental Trustees to International Conference


Tel Aviv, April 2008: For the first time, Frutarom has staged a conference covering environmental issues and sustainability management. The meeting, which took place over 3 days in Tel Aviv, Israel, included Frutarom employees and expert speakers. The conference underscores Frutarom's commitment to environmental standards and quality at its multiple manufacturing sites. Frutarom rapid growth in recent years through acquisitions, strengthen its commitment to protect the environment as an organizational priority, apply equal environmental standards world wide and integrate environmental management throughout the organization. The 1st annual Environmental Conference is the beginning of a tradition and information-sharing platform for ongoing environmental improvement throughout the organization.


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The environmental trustees came to the Conference from the Company's sites worldwide. Also attending were members of the Frutarom Group's senior management, headed by Ori Yehudai, our President. The environmental trustees are each responsible for all of the Group's sites in their respective countries, where the most exacting standards will be implemented and all requirements fulfilled. Each trustee has a different background in site management with extensive operational experience. During the Conference they discussed how they are meeting the environmental challenges they face and their experience in adopting the best available technologies.


"The conference was a great success thanks to the extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment of the trustees and their willingness to improve our environmental performance and to find eco-efficient and people-friendly solutions to complex environmental challenges" says Dan Tzafrir, Global Environmental Manager at Frutarom. He continues, "We set out our goals alongside our vision and invite all our employees and stakeholders to join the ride."


The conference invited a number of industry and government guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with Frutarom. Among the participants were Henry King, Global Sustainability Manager for Unilever, who discussed Unilever experience in corporate responsibility; and Dr. Yossi Inbar, Deputy General Director of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection who presented recent developments of regulatory position regarding greenhouse gases control. The conference also had a joint session with the OECD workshop on 'Sustainable Materials Management". 

The environmental trustees will establish improvement teams in each of their sites as part of our strategy that builds on the individual participation of our employees. We expect that our Environmental Trustees will use the colleague network and the knowledge they gain in the conference to be world-leaders in implementing our vision to be the preferred partner to sustainability performance as well as for tasty and healthy success.

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