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Frutarom - An Environmentally Friendly Company


Frutarom is committed to sustainable and responsible environmental, safety and health policies as an integral part of our business management approach.


Our strong commitment to safety and environment is demonstrated by maintaining the highest standards of environmental responsibility throughout our production facilities worldwide. Frutarom's production sites not only meet all of the required environmental regulations, they also conduct an ongoing program of continual improvement.


We train and educate our employees in Responsible Care - for all aspects of environment, safety and health, and we endeavor to operate our production plants safely through a process of minimizing all risks involved. Over the many years of operation, we have gathered tremendous knowledge and experience which we are proud to share with other organizations for the mutual benefit of society.


Frutarom strives towards resource conservation and the reduction of emissions and wastes, as an integral part of our activities. In recent years, Frutarom has invested millions of dollars in accordance with an annual master plan developed together with the environmental and safety authorities. The plan is designed to achieve a fast rate of improvement and fulfill of the changing global demands and regulations.


We are dedicated to close collaboration with the authorities for the creation of responsible and efficient legislation, and as a practice, to voluntarily beat time schedules and set the industry standard.


Frutarom. Producing top quality products to satisfy the needs of the modern world without neglecting our responsibility to be an environmentally friendly company.

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