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Our Approach Towards Innovation


Unique and dedicated, Frutarom owes a large part of its success to the enormous range of opportunities we can offer to both our customers and employees. Many purposefully chosen acquisitions have enabled us to benefit from rare ingredients, new technologies, enhanced knowledge and from the addition of many bright and creative minds from all corners of the globe. Our ambition lies in creating a cross-organizational network enabling us to recognize opportunities and share ideas on developing the methodologies and competencies that make innovation happen.


"Innovation isn't what innovators do - it is what customers and clients adopt" (Michael Schrage, MIT)


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Our approach to innovation is guided by our motto "Passion for Taste & Health". We are committed to developing concepts and solutions that combine great  taste and good health, based on our expertise in Functional Ingredients, Flavors and Food Systems. This objective makes us an attractive innovation partner for the food industry, due to the inevitable move towards products able to provide better nutrition, added health benefits, and superior taste.


Our three pillars model of taste and health innovation consists of the following concepts: ‘Functionals' with added bioactive ingredients, ‘Clean Label' comprising natural and authentic additives and ‘Less Of' basic taste boosters.

‘Functionals' includes new additives in the form of herbal extracts, Omega-3, antioxidants and other health-boosting ingredients. Designed to combat modern disease epidemics such as, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, they are not merely preventatives, ‘Functionals' also actively promote mind and body vitality, as well as beauty from within.

‘Clean Labels' caters to a shift towards natural flavors, including organics and real fruit, while eliminating artificial preservatives and antioxidants. Our range of specialties encompasses: orchard fruits, citrus, red fruits, herbs, bio spices, flavor extracts, origanox and fruit & piccantos preparations for ready cooked sauces and fillings.

‘Less Of', as the name suggests, works on reducing basic taste boosters: sugar, salt and fats. Our solutions include the use of natural flavors and juices as sweetness enhancers and spices and extracts as umami boosters, plus an overall reduction of sugar in our food systems.


Frutarom has implemented a systematic approach towards innovation, based on the following principles:  

  • Professional Project Management - utilizing the best available expertise from wherever required.
  • Rapid Prototyping - the ability to quickly develop, evaluate and optimize prototype products in our labs.
  • Joint Innovation - using these skills in direct collaboration with customers to make innovation happen.

The recently opened new Innovation Center makes this new philosophy visible and tangible, it stands for an open invitation to working together creating new and innovative products, as well as the modern innovation philosophy that we are pursuing what we call our "Green house effect".


Open minded, curious, multi-cultural, respectful, knowledgeable, willing to learn, to share and to collaborate - this is the attitude of our people that can make great things happen. 



Innovation Center


"A vision becomes reality!" An inspiring and creative environment stimulates innovative thinking, knowledge-based development, and represents Frutarom's passion for taste and health in a distinctive way.


The newly built Innovation Center in Wädenswil (Switzerland) makes our philosophy visible and tangible. A place of focused innovation and a source of inspiration for new product development, it spans everything from creative brainstorming, designing new flavors, tailored and customer oriented all-in-one solutions, to concept evaluation and communication.


Decades of know-how in developing innovative products, combined with Frutarom's passion for taste and health inspire creative synergies in the Center - through a design process addressing today´s need for rapid prototyping and direct collaboration with customers. In line with our corporate vision, the interplay of architecture, color, shapes, light and structures, with aroma and taste, aims to create a stimulating atmosphere to drive innovation, benefiting customers, visitors and employees.


Give free rein to your thoughts and senses, your spirit of discovery and curiosity. Inspire us and let us inspire you.


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