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Animal Health

One of the challenges facing modern intensive livestock farming is the high incidence of infectious diseases. These diseases account for decreased production capacities and threaten the sustained growth of the industry, resulting in economic losses of billions of US$ each year, worldwide.


Current measures for controlling infectious diseases include eradication programs for infected populations, aggressive drug therapy (mainly antibiotics) and wide spread use of chemicals.Many of these medications have since been proven to be severe health hazards for human populations. They also have serious consequences through their effect on the environment and non-targeted species. Regardless of these contraindications, they are still widely used in every part of the industry.


Frutarom Feed Health innovations are based on 100% natural or nature identical ingredients. Proven safe for the environment, and human consumption, they are fully supported by clinical trials attesting to their high efficacy as feed additives.


Our current product range consists of beneficial active ingredients and premixes for use as prophylactics treatment in livestock feed. They also achieved excellent effect results as growth prompters and for immune enhancement without, requiring persistent drug therapy (antibiotics) and extensive application of chemicals.  

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