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Fragrance Ingredients

Frutarom has maintained its position as a world leader in fragrance ingredients through combining its R&D strengths with the expertise found within its aroma chemical production sites. This has enabled us to offer top quality and cost effective speciality fragrance products to our customers.


We offer an extensive range of fragrance chemicals with different odour profiles, including:

Floral                                                 spicy

Green                                                woody

Fruity                                                 melon

Rosy                                                 mint

Herbal                                                sandalwood

Fresh                                                 musk

Citrus                                                 jasmine


Frutarom fragrance ingredients are used in fine fragrances, perfumes, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, toiletries, household and body wash.


Frutarom is committed to supporting its global customer base through the provision of outstanding local service, global logistics and outstanding quality.

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