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Natural Extracts

Frutarom produces an extensive range of natural flavor extracts from a large variety of botanical sources. Plant leaves, stems, roots, fruit and seeds are all used in the manufacture of Frutarom extracts.

There are 3 primary facilities focused on extractions from botanical sources  located in the USA, UK and Switzerland.



Raw Materials

The quality and taste of Frutarom flavor extracts originates with the choice of raw material and is vital for Frutarom’s vision of taste, health and success.

We work with key, trusted and audited growers and suppliers to secure our supply of top quality botanical materials from around the world.


Each batch of raw materials is rigorously tested – physically, chemically and organoleptically -  by our highly skilled technical staff before being passed for use in Frutarom processes.




Frutarom uses a combination of modern industry-wide techniques plus proprietary technologies to produce its flavor extracts.

All extraction and purification operations are carried out in strictly controlled processing plants that are certified as ISO9001, HACCP Accredited and/or GMP.

Controlling our processing operations to the highest of standards ensures that our products meet reproducible and constant quality criteria – Frutarom’s assurance of Taste, Health and Success!



Frutarom is committed to innovation and research for the development of novel technologies and new products. We have several highly-active research teams located throughout the world.




The natural Botanical Extract products embody Frutarom’s mission to provide Taste, Health and Success!

These extracts are all highly specified and quality assured. We also supply a variety of organic extracts.

The product range encompasses Frutarom’s attention to quality together with our creative edge. Everything we produce is aimed at delivering Taste, Health and Success!

Our flavor extracts include:

Yerba mate

St Johns Bread


Oak Chips

Kola Nuts

Wild Cherry Bark

Chocolate and cocoa extracts

Coffee and tea extracts


 Flavor & Food Extracts by Segment (68.7 Kb) 





Frutarom flavor extracts are used within the food & beverage and flavor industries to impart natural organoleptic characteristics. Typical applications include bakery, beverages, savory and dairy.

Our experts are happy to advise you on the best choice of product for your application.

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