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Aroma Chemicals

Frutarom is a reknowned world leader and primary supplier of Speciality Aroma Chemicals. We manufacture a broad and diverse range of aroma chemicals key encompassing all major processing technologies for the flavor and fragrance industries.

Frutarom aroma chemicals are sold and distributed globally through our extensive supply chain networks.


Flavor Ingredients

Our flavor ingredients meet all relevant food regulations and the most stringent health, safety and quality standards, including ISO 9000, HACCP, Kosher and Halal Certification.

In addition, our flavor ingredients are non-GMO and pesticide-free.


Our flavor ingredients are classified into the following functional groups:

Pyrazines                                           Acids

Thiazoles                                           Phenols

Diketones                                          Ketones

Esters                                                Thiols

Alkenals                                             Alcohols


Each product has a standard scent and taste.



Collaborative developments of innovate platforms are focused on white biotechnology, green chemistry and novel physical processes to realise the next generation of speciality flavor ingredients. Codevelopment is in association with leading academic groups in the bio and chemical sciences (Universities of Durham and York (UK), Universities and with innovation focused SMEs.




Frutarom maintains modern manufacturing facilities on three sites. In addition, we have pilot plant facilities that are used in the scale-up and development of new aroma chemicals by our R&D labs.

With over 60 years of experience and expertise in chemical synthesis, Frutarom is the worlds leading supplier of speciality aroma chemcials covering the whole portfolio of chemical reactions.

Our manufacturing techniques also include a number of physical processes such as extractions, distillations and separations.


Quality Control

Our quality control system is constantly updated and modernized as new technologies become available. In addition to industry-standard techniques, we use the latest chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.

Our Quality Control Department are involved in the entire process from purchasing of raw materials to sales. Every batch of product is tested against analytical standards and odour or taste specifications. All production is carried out by highly qualified personnel according to documented and auditied Standard Operating Procedures.



Frutarom is committed to maintaining a clean environment. We take all possible measures to reduce waste. We have invested in and implemented environmentally-friendly or green chemistry and use biological treatment in waste management. We use modern equipment to reduce odour emissions.

Frutarom has an enduring commitment to delivering excellence in quality, products and service to its customers.


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