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Clean Label

Origanox extract, a natural powerful anti-oxidant, assists in reducing the number of E-labeled materials on the ingredient list.


This unique, highly concentrated product guarantees a safe shelf life, replacing synthetic preservatives, which results in superior quality products.


Innovative technology: VeriTaste enables Frutarom to offer the most natural preparations ever

New production line in operation / Premium Food Systems with clearly formed pieces,

authentic taste and an impressive shelf life.

Not just for high quality fruit pieces, but also for crunchy vegetables and finely fragrant herbs.


The innovative VeriTaste technology has been developed with and exclusively for Frutarom and is the result of years of research. The cutting-edge technology, patent pending, facilitates the extremely gentle and careful handling of sensitive ingredients. The result: Food Systems of a higher level of quality than ever before.


A feast for the eyes

Not only in terms of taste, but also visually, VeriTaste Food Systems are really "premium". The shapes and colors of the original pieces remain as nature intended and are suitable for a wide range of applications including fresh dairy products, deliciously smooth ice creams, desserts, exceptional filled bakery goods and the culinary sector.


"All in One" for premium products

As with Frutarom's other Food Systems, VeriTaste preparations are tailor-made, "All in One" products which ensure stability and safety for a simple and efficient further processing. Frutarom develops every Food System together with the manufacturer of the end product. This way, fast-changing trends can be met, seasonal products used and providing each preparation an absolutely unique profile.


For more information regarding VeriTaste: JWernli@ch.frutarom.com

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