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Meat, Fish & Convenient Food

The evolution of the savory sector over the last few decades has been characterized by the development of the meat and fish industries.


Frutarom has been concentrating on perfecting the processing of spices, sourcing only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, processing them in our state-of-the-art factories, in order to create fresh, tailor-made products for the meat, fish and delicatessen and convenience industry.


Frutarom's Savoury activity grew substantially over the last few years due to the acquisition of the savory business of Nesse, Gewurzmuller and the savory business of Christian Hansen, which were acquired by Frutarom in 2006, 2007 and 2009, respectively, the acquisitions of EAFI, the savory business of Rieber and FSI in 2011, the acquisition of Savoury Flavours and Etol in 2012 and the acquisition of Jannderee in 2012. The acquisition of Protein Technology Group (PTI) in Novermber 2013 enabled Frutarom to expand the range of savory products and broaden its activity and market share in developing and developed countries.

Our savory range covers: additives, emulsifiers, preservatives, butcher's aids, ripeners, marinades, anti-oxidants, as well as raw spices & mixtures for meat and fish and many other specialties. A key part of this range, now a thriving market, are Organic spices and mixtures.


In an intuitive move 25 years ago, NESSE carried outpioneering work experimenting with organic spices, at a time when Organic products  were not  yet in the public eye. With insight gained from many years of experience, Frutarom recognized the importance of this area and continued to research and develop it's applications further.


Today, Frutarom is one of the leading companies in B2B organic spices in Europe.


To learn more about Frutarom's activity in Savoury Solutions please visit the websites or PTI - http://www.protein.ru/en and of Etol - http://www.etol.si/


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