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Health and vitality is predicted to dominate consumer lifestyles of the developed and emerging markets during the next 10 years. This megatrend will be driven by our insatiable appetite to live longer, healthier lives.


Frutarom's meticulous sourcing of unique raw materials combined with the creation of natural flavors and processes, enable Frutarom to build exciting new concepts such as: functional, water soluble and truly authentic flavored beverages.


Central to the development of innovative concepts is Frutarom's ability to capitalize on Nutralease®, the use of stable emulsions, plus the development of FTNF technology to create new flavor ranges such as Citrazest® and Hyperpure®.


After 75 years of operation, Frutarom's inherent knowledge of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic industries, is fundamentally linked to our experience and understanding of consumer awareness and purchasing patterns. We pride ourselves on continually developing products that exceed our customer's expectations.

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