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Milk, the very first food we consume, is the ultimate substrate to deliver innovative added value products. Current market trends show a definite preference for smaller sized products, due to better digestion and stimulation of the immune system.


Frutarom`s all-in-one food systems including sweet fruit preparations and savory piccantos, perfectly complement our range of ripples and flavors designed for authentic natural taste in dairy products. Additionally, all of our food systems can be "functionalized" using Frutarom`s select health ingredients. Our extensive experience in brown flavors and distinctive extraction techniques provide dairy manufacturers with a unique set of top quality vanilla and other brown flavour profiles.


After 75 years of operation, Frutarom's inherent knowledge of both the dairy and icecream industries, is fundamentally linked to our experience and understanding of consumer awareness and purchasing patterns. We pride ourselves on continually developing products that exceed our customer's expectations.

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